Effective websites made easy

About Us

We believe that with the right tools, anyone can create an effective website. Our small team is dedicated to building these tools.

Thousands of people around the world use our software every day. They are a diverse group, from artists to small businesses to nonprofits. The common thread is that they don't want the expense of hiring a designer and need higher quality results than what generic website builders provide.

When building a website, you can hire a web designer or do it yourself with a generic website builder. Sitezoogle gives you the best of both worlds. Here's why:

  • An intelligent graphics engine
    Our software applies effects to user images just like designers do, resulting in a website that looks custom made
  • Adapted to specific markets
    Unlike generic site builders, our tools built-in features tailored to each market, like the digital download store on Bandzoogle, or the fan management tools on Starzoogle.
  • Reliable, scalable servers
    Sitezoogle is built around the robust Amazon Web Services platform. Sites are always available, and member data is secure.
  • Great customer experience
    More than just software, our focus is to create the best possible customer experience - from easy to understand interfaces to friendly customer support.

Our Team

Sitezoogle is a "virtual company" -- we all work where we love to be.

  • Chris Vinson - Montreal, QC
  • Colin Mitchell - Montague, MA
  • Dave Spurr - Leeds, UK
  • Eli Gordon - Halifax, NS
  • Allison Sharpe - Palm Desert, CA
  • Stacey Bedford - Ottawa, ON
  • Brad Pauly - Portland, OR